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The Rutgers Bookstore


The Rutgers University Bookstore

The Rutgers University Bookstore at Ferren Mall is Rutgers' official campus bookstore. Since our stores opened in November 2008, we have paid more than $1.5 million in cash to Rutgers students for their used books. This means that we always have an enormous stock of used books to help save you money.

Starting this Fall, textbook rentals and e-books will also be available for select titles. You can also save time and money by ordering your books online, which guarantees that you'll have access to our used book stock before anyone else. Don't forget that the Rutgers University Bookstore is the only place where you can use the RU Book Advance to purchase your textbooks.

The Rutgers University Bookstore has the largest assortment of Rutgers clothing and gifts anywhere. We also have a large selection of over 14,000 general reading and medical reference books, and our National Campus Bestsellers are discounted 30% every day. In addition, we carry an array of medical, office and school supplies, dorm room and computer accessories, bags and backpacks, greeting cards and convenience items. We're always introducing new items to our stores, so please feel free to stop in and browse our latest assortment.

We will advance our efforts to provide Rutgers University with a world-class bookstore with the construction of a three-story, 46,000 square foot Barnes & Noble Collegiate Superstore, scheduled to open in early 2012. The facility will be located on Somerset Street north of Easton Avenue, adjacent to the New Brunswick train station and directly opposite the entrance gates to Old Queen's. The new Barnes & Noble at Rutgers University is considered to be the retail anchor of the redevelopment Gateway Transit Village project.

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Rutgers Bookstores
Employment Opportunities

If you're interested in a position at one of our seven stores on campus, please download our employment application and mail or fax it to us. We offer flexible scheduling, competitive wages and great discounts.

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